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Tales of Alleppey


While backwater tourism brings many people to Alleppey not many visitors come into the town, missing an opportunity to see a place with a different character to any other in the State. It is the only planned town in Kerala. It was built as a port for the erstwhile Travancore State in 1776 when the waterways were the main means of transport. The unique feature of the town is the two canals connecting the backwaters to the sea. Produce from the rich hinterland was transported by rice boats to the coast. These have been transformed into the present day houseboats. People from all over India were invited by the Diwan, Raja Keshav Das to settle and carry on trade in the town. This has resulted in an interesting melting pot of diverse cultures.

Embark on a walking tour of the city brought to the tourists by the lady lions club members. The ladies of the club joined to from a society called Preserve Alleppey society" in 2000.The realization that there was an urgent need to preserve the character of the town was the motivating factor and to achieve walking tours were mooted. Your tour today starts with a presentation of the history and unique features of the town ,It is partly driving and walking through the Gujarati quarter, the canal banks and an old wholesale market with the host.You will have the opportunity to visit a family home and enjoy an authentic Kerala meal featuring local tropical produce. This also provides visitors an opportunity to interact with Alleppey residents.

Tour Duration -3 hrs. Accompanied by an English speaking host.

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