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Transport is a key service that Marvel offers. Marvel has its own fleet of chauffeur-driven vehicles to ensure complete quality control. Our fleet operates with the belief that every aspect of the holiday experience should be blissful. Travel is not a means to go from A to B, but an integral and pivotal part of the holiday, a means to explore and get closer to the land. Bad commutes between destinations can result in a bad overall experience. Marvel's range of vehicles include group and personalised options such as coaches, mini buses, tempos, cars etc. We have large and small coach options depending on the size of your party. When it comes to cars, we have a fleet that covers luxury, adventure and budget - from Mercedes Benz to Innova to Indica to the good old trusty Ambassador. Vehicles in our fleet include Large and Small Coaches, Micro mini van, SUVs, MUVs and Sedan

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