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Experience Theyyam

The great stories of Kerala are often retold using art forms. It is here that our legends truly come to life. Theyyam is a famous ritual art form that originated in North Kerala which brings to life the great stories of our State. It encompasses dance, mime, and music. It exalts the beliefs of the ancient tribals who gave a lot of importance to the worship of heroes and the spirits of their ancestors. It is believed that Theyyam is a channel to a god and the believers thus seek blessings from the person who plays Theyyam.


Meet our experienced guide and proceed to experience the Theyyam ritual in a local Temple. The epic tales from Indian mythology take on artistic avatars in the ritual arts of Kerala. Be it through the visual vibrance, flamboyant costumes, majestic headgear, ornaments, and vigor of Theyyam performances or the elaborately decked headgears, face painting, and magnificent performance of Theeyattu. The ceremonious dance is accompanied by the chorus of musical instruments like Chenda, Elathalam, Kurumkuzal, and Veekkuchenda. There are over 400 separate Theyyams, each with its own music, style, and choreography. The most prominent among these are Raktha Chamundi, Kari Chamundi, Muchilottu Bhagavathi, Wayanadu Kulaven, Gulikan, and Pottan.


The temples are not wheelchair accessible.
Footwear must be removed at places of worship.
Non-Hindus are not allowed inside the main sanctum of the temples.
Wear modest clothing - smart casuals with full sleeves are recommended. Avoid shorts and sleeveless tops.
Keep your valuables under safe custody at all times. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry.

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