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The Ramanagara Silk Route

The Ramanagara is widely known as the silk city of Karnataka. It is a major source of Mysore silk, and one of the largest silk cocoon markets in all of Asia. Ramanagara is also popular amongst rock climbers for its oldest granite formations. This dramatic landscape has also been the setting in one of the greatest Bollywood movies of all time "Sholay". You will also visit the town of Channapatna famous for its wooden crafts. 


After an early breakfast, meet our experienced guide and proceed to Ramanagara. Ramanagara, the silk city of Karnataka is located 50kms from Bangalore and the driving time is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. The Government Silk Market, located in the center of the town is always bustling with activity and an average of 50 tonnes of cocoons is sold here each day. This cultural tour aims to take the visitors on the silk route of Karnataka – from the silkworms, the journey of their cocoons to the markets and finally to the factories where the silk is processed and transformed into beautiful outfits. You will also get to know the diverse community behind the silk industry which produces 20% of world’s silk.
Later proceed to Channapatna, also known as toy's town for its wooden crafts. Flexible forms and dazzling colours add to the versatility of these wooden carvings and sculptures. These unique toys add a contemporary appeal to the purchaser’s environment. The town is also known for food and fashion lovers because of its numerous food and fashion outlets. 

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