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Discovering Kumbalanghi

Kumbalanghi is a small village, west of Cochin, and is surrounded by backwaters and lush green paddy fields. A ring of Chinese fishing nets literally encircles the island village bearing witness to the rich aquatic life. Kumbalanghi consists of three islands – Kumbalanghi, Kallanchery, and Anjilithara. This tour takes you to the charming village life of Kallanchery Island, one of the beautiful islands in Kumbalanghi. The duration of the tour is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.


Start your tour this morning with a drive to the Kumbalanghi Bridge. On arrival, disembark your coach and meet your local English-speaking guide and walk across to the jetty where country boats await to take you on the second part of your journey through the backwaters. This is where your experience of village life begins – you will see fishermen at work – casting nets and preparing to catch their ‘catch of the day’. Kumbalanghi consists of three islands – Kumbalanghi, Kallanchery, and Anjilithara. Disembark your boat at Kallanchery Island, with its serene atmosphere and astonishing beauty takes you to a unique feeling of peace and tranquility. Get acquainted with a refreshing tender coconut drink before you set off on a further exploration into village life.

Start with witnessing how clam meat gets processed and its way to the dining table. Clams are shellfish found in brackish waters. For many of the inhabitants of Kallanchery Island, clam meat processing is their livelihood. Then watch how brooms are made from the coconut branches. Mid ribs of coconut leaves are taken out and tied together into brooms which are used to clean rough grounds and floors. Then proceed to watch how to make traditional baskets used by the villagers to separate clam meat and shell. Watch Beedi making – a beedi is a thin, Indian cigarette with tobacco flake wrapped in tendu leaf.

Continue to watch Toddy Tapping. Toddy, popularly known as Palm Wine, is an alcoholic beverage created from the sap of various species of palm trees. Various other activities will be taking place which you can witness and even take part in. Watch coconut processing - coconut milk extraction, copra processing, fiber extraction from the husk, coir making, and seasoning the husk. Then fishermen will show you how the Chinese nets work – an art that is said to have been introduced by traders from the court of Kublai Khan. A crab farm is also part of the village where you can try your hand at catching a crab! Continue to weavers at work with coconut leaves. You will also visit an agricultural farm filled with different types of plantations (coconut, areca nut, nutmeg, pepper, jack fruit, vanilla, orchids, etc), water harvesting ponds, and biogas plants.

After visits, depart the village and its innocent villagers with the memories of a lifetime. Return to your coach by the famous Tuk-Tuks. Tuk-Tuks or Auto Rickshaws are the best and most unique way to explore all the narrow roads in Kochi.

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